eWhen it comes to crafting a professional image for your business, nothing beats custom boxes. Not only do they add a unique touch, but they also create a more polished and professional look. Whether you're looking to ship products or display items, custom boxes with logos are the perfect way to achieve your desired result. Plus, with so many different options available, there's sure to be one that fits your needs perfectly.

Why custom boxes are important

Custom boxes are important for a few reasons. First, they are a great way to market your product. Custom boxes are used to show the brand of the product, as well as the design. This will help customers to recognize the product when they see it in stores.

Custom boxes can also show information about the product, such as ingredients or weight. This is important because it can help customers make decisions about whether they want to purchase the product. Additionally, custom boxes can create a unique look for a product. This can help products stand out from others on store shelves and attract attention from potential buyers.

Types of custom boxes

There are many different boxes, each with its unique purpose. Corrugated, rigid, and Specialty boxes are the three most common types of boxes.


Corrugated boxes are the most common type of box. They are make from a thick layer of cardboard sandwiched between two pieces of paperboard. This type of box is very sturdy and used for shipping or storing heavy items.


Rigid boxes are made from a single piece of cardboard folded into shape. This type of box is not as sturdy as a corrugated box but is more durable than a paperboard box. Rigid boxes are commonly used for fragile packaging items.


Speciality boxes are designed for specific purposes, such as shipping small items or holding promotional materials.

Design and size of your box

The design and size of your box are important factors to consider when shipping your item from the Eco packaging box. The box size should be large enough to fit the item but not too large that it takes up a lot of space or costs extra. The box's design can also affect how much you spend on shipping. A generic box may be cheaper to ship, but it could look less appealing to buyers and may not be as distinctive as a custom-made box. so here are some points for you:

  1. What is the purpose of the box? Is it for shipping, storage, or marketing? Each function will require different dimensions and construction techniques.
  2. What is the size of the product? The dimensions of the product should dictate the size of the box. Oversized boxes can be cumbersome and expensive to ship, while little boxes may not be able to protect the product adequately.
  3. How much branding do you want on the box?

The importance of quality printing for making your box look great

Printing custom boxes is a great way to make your product packaging unique and eye-catching. There are many different box printing processes, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Printing makes your boxes more attractive and helps increase your business. We do different printing types like:

Offset lithography is the most common type of box printing. It produces high-quality prints at a low cost per unit. However, it can be slow and requires a lot of setup time.

Digital printing is a newer technology that is growing in popularity due to its speed and affordability. It produces good quality prints, but the colour range is limited compared to offset lithography. Screen printing is a fast and affordable option for large quantities, but the quality is not as good as other methods.

Custom Box Finishing - Ideas and Methods

Custom box finishing can add a personal touch to your packaging. Here are some ideas and methods for finishing your boxes:

  1. Paint or decorate the box with a design or colour that matches your product or brand.
  2. Cover the box with paper or fabric in a matching pattern or colour.
  3. Add a layer of vinyl, wood veneer, or other material to the outside of the box.
  4. Apply a sealant such as a varnish, lacquer, or polyurethane to protect the finish and make it shiny

Custom boxes are the way to go when it comes to packaging and shipping. Not only do they look professional and convey a sense of importance, but they're also cost-effective. Custom boxes can be up to 50% cheaper than buying pre-made boxes from a store.

Custom boxes are the way to go if you're looking for a cost-effective way to package and ship your products.

Custom boxes are the perfect way to package a product and ensure it arrives in excellent condition at the buyer's house. Not only do custom boxes look great, but they're also more durable than regular cardboard boxes. This means they'll last longer and not get damaged during shipping. Custom boxes can be incredibly affordable for your business.